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Saunacore is one of the worlds most extensive manufacture of sauna and steam bath products. Saunacore manufactures, traditional sauna stoves, steam bath generators, do-it-yourself sauna kits, traditional modular sauna rooms, infrared radiant sauna rooms, infrared components, accessories, and much more.


Saunacore has been in the sauna industry since the early 80's, and with years of producing quality products, we have become one of the largest manufactures, with the most extensive line of products available to the industry. You may find our products all over the world. We are setting up dealers all the time.


Our business has been built on high quality, most competitive prices, and definitely what is most important, customer satisfaction. Saunacore products in our opinion, and based on our customers satisfaction, are of outstanding quality, durability, safety, and excellent reliability.


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