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Surfside Pool Services

"So often, we as consumers, do not take the time to acknowledge great service. Unfortunately we are guilty of that as it relates to Robert and the gang at Surfside. We purchased our Jacuzzi hot tub five years ago through Robert (sales manager). We appreciated his honesty, high level of service, and knowledge of both his product offerings and the competition. Also Robert sold us on the fact that service and support does not end at the sale, and being our first tub purchase that was really important. We did shop around with several reputable dealers, however returned to Surfside as they have the best product and service offering.

Here we are five years later and Robert & Surfside keeps exceeding our expectations. Jacuzzi is a great product, reliable and with outstanding filtration. Our guests are constantly remarking on how crystal clear the water is, and wonder why their other friends tubs do not exhibit the same high level of performance. Additionally the few times over the years we did require servicing Steve was over very promptly and fixed any issues we may have had. We found Steve both very knowledgeable and competent in servicing our Jacuzzi system.

Overall, if you are looking for a great hot tub experience with the assurance of support long after the sale, you should give Surfside Newmarket your consideration. While we are a little slow in our feedback, thank you Robert, Steve and the entire Surfside team for great support, service and making us very satisfied customers."

Alex & Rosanne, Mount Albert

Surfside Pool Services

"Our pool builder, Surfside of Newmarket, Ontario did a good job building our pool. We are very pleased with their work and we had a good experience with their staff.

Our Sales Rep/Designer had excellent ideas and we are glad we listened to his advice when selecting the shape of the pool, liner, lighting, equipment, location, etc. He was also very knowledgeable on the latest available pool equipment and offered good maintenance tips, most of them based on is own experience as a long time pool owner.

Their construction and interlocking crews were excellent. They hire very experienced individuals and most of them build pools all year (yes, even in winter - they will put a heated dome on the site and work in January...). They were all very professional.

Our Project Manager was good in getting back to us with information, in most cases was easy to reach and kept to delivery dates. Overall we are very satisfied with SurfSide and highly recommend them."

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Haakon Saake, Richmond Hill

Surfside Pool Services

"We don't often hear it, but, I just wanted you to know you got some good guys working for you. They honestly seem to care, and take the time to explain the process entertaining not only my questions but those of my wife and kids."

Barb & Mike W., Newmarket

Surfside Pool Services

"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Huge fan of Surfside. My father and I have been long time customers of Surfside. Every time we have problems Surfside is right there. Steve is absolutely fabulous! Berndy you don't want to lose him. Barry is wondering about Surfside points."

Barry & Lorrie, Aurora

Surfside Pool Services

"It was wonderful and better than expected based on previous years. Here within an hour of calling. Very helpful. Did a wonderful job."

Chris & Jan, Newmarket

Surfside Pool Services

"They arrived on the day they said that they would for both the opening and closing and did a good job. Tech said that closing was done incorrectly, some things open that shouldn't been and other things closed that should have been left open. Both opening and closing were better than I expected from Surfside as my expectations of what they could do were very low.

Some of the guys seem really good and know what they are doing.

Dianne & Robert, Newmarket

Surfside Pool Services

"Particularly good call. Responded immediately. Very good service."

John, Kettleby

Surfside Pool Services

"The service department is great and I have no problems with the service.

Things were much better this year than last year. Front plate for skimmer is stained because they didn't use stainless steel screws. Wish that they just replaced plate or used stainless steel screws as I have a salt pool. Now it will cost me a service call to get this fixed.

Would recommend service."

Anita & Colin, Newmarket

Surfside Pool Services

"What a wonderful crew you've sent to our house. The men are always updating us & have time to answer our questions.

Susan & Dean, Newmarket

Surfside Pool Services

"Last year the techs were very poor but this year their knowledge was excellent."

Anonymous, Newmarket

Surfside Pool Services

"Last year had a heck of a time with the opening. Spoke with Scott last year. This year was much, much better. Only forgot to vacuum and did not put all parts on ladder. Due to being disappointed with last year, unsure about recommending to anyone however this year was a marked improvement. Really nice that chemicals were delivered but did not receive invoice and would like one for the chemicals that were bought and billed to credit card, aside from the regular opening stuff."

Karen & Marc, Keswick

Surfside Pool Services

"The people who came were very friendly and knowledgeable."

Wendy, Newmarket

Surfside Pool Services

"The guys have been really nice and pretty responsive the best that they can. They have been great."

Kevin & Lenore, Newmarket

Surfside Pool Services

"We are currently working with Rick and Jay for installation of an inground pool. They have both been very professional and knowledgable for first time pool owners. Keep up the great work."

Julia, Sharon

Surfside Pool Services

"I am writing to let you know that the Whynots referred us to your store, explaining that they received excellent service and follow-up. We subsequently purchased a pool and were equally satisfied with the outstanding service. Many thanks."

Mickey, Keswick

Surfside Pool Services

"We had our pool installed by the experts at Surfside last year and were thrilled with not only the quality of the end product but with the care and attention to detail all through the build. Thanks to the team at Surfside we now have a beautiful backyard oasis that we will enjoy for years to come. You truly get what you pay for!"

Dave and Carole, Holland Landing

Surfside Pool Services

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